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Sarah Ashton-Cirillo (born 1977), also known as Sarah Ashton and Sarah Cirillo, is an American journalist who enlisted as a combat medic in the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the Russo-Ukrainian War, having previously worked as a war correspondent in that conflict. A self-described "recovering political operative"[8] from Las Vegas, Nevada, she was active in Nevada politics from 2020 to 2021, including an abortive run for Las Vegas City Council.

Ashton-Cirillo drew national media attention in 2021 when she released records of conversations from her time working with Republican candidates, documenting efforts to "get the Proud Boys out" for a planned "Brooks Brothers Riot" (alluding to the 2000 demonstration)[9] as part of efforts to overturn the outcome of the 2020 United States presidential election.

Starting in March 2022, Ashton-Cirillo reported on the Russian invasion of Ukraine from Kharkiv, Ukraine, primarily for LGBTQ Nation. A trans woman, she is thought to have been the only transgender journalist covering the invasion.[10][11] In Kharkiv, she worked closely with the Ukrainian military and police, and was appointed by the mayor of Zolochiv, Kharkiv Oblast, as a representative to advocate with aid groups.[b] After witnessing the October 2022 Kyiv missile strikes, she resigned from LGBTQ Nation to become a combat medic in Ukraine's Noman Çelebicihan Battalion, a Crimean Tatar unit.

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Sarah Ashton-Cirillo is a soldier in the Armed Forces of Ukraine who is writing about Ukraine's fight for liberty and America's fight for democracy.


Sarah Ashton-Cirillo

Sergeant (jr.) in the Armed Forces of Ukraine (3CY / AFU / ZSU) 🇺🇦